Sol Baby is 2 years old…

I just realized my Sol baby’s birthday post was sitting in my drafts, waiting for an entire month to be posted. She turned 2yrs old on January 8th. I am going to try and get the recap from her So(u)l Rhythm birthday party up this evening…

Two years I gave birth to the most beautiful So(u)l I ever laid eyes on. From the very beginning she was a joy, as a newborn she had a peaceful spirit and was always alert. We noticed very soon that she was developing very rapidly. She rolled over on the table at a very early visit to the doctor’s office; she was making eye contact and smiling, grabbing for things, and trying to sit up well before she made 2 months old. This was a sign of things to come; Sol went on to sit up at 4months, start crawling at 5months, taking steps at 7 months and fully walking at 8months. She began doing performing sign language by 9months, her first sign was milk, and then she went on to master, eat, more, all done, bath, and sleep by 12 months. Shortly after turning 12 months, I noticed she was removing her diapers before using the bathroom. I was in denial; my child was not ready for potty training. But she was. At 13 months I bought a potty chair, and took her occasionally. By 18months old she was potty trained and in panties, we skipped training pants, and she was only in diapers at night for my own sanity, she wasn’t having accidents overnight, I just wasn’t ready for no diapers at all. By 19 months she was done with diapers all together. And has only had one or two accidents since then, and usually it was the fault of the adult.

She is smart and has a thirst for information. Her language skills are very well developed and she can have a conversation with you. She knows her colors in English and Spanish, her shapes, can count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s, knows her states in alphabetical order, her continents, her abc’s and the phonetic sounds, she can write the letters in her name, and circles, she can dance and boy does she love it, she makes up songs, she can sort objects by color or shape. She eats. Boy does she eat. Everything from lentils and rice to kale chips and avocado. She just recently starting liking sweets like cookies and ice cream won’t touch juice. Loves apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes, and will finish her food and yours if you let her.

Her favorite toys are planes, trains, and automobiles. She loves anything with wheels especially school busses. She loves to run, jump, and flip. And she loves kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses, kisses on the cheek, and sweet sweet for mommy and daddy (kisses on the lips).

She is now anticipating the birth of Moonbeam, and is already very protective of my belly. She accidentally scratched my belly the other day and she cried, b/c she thought she hurt the baby.

Its weird, because I can’t believe my little girl is two but at the same time she feels much older and it seems as if I’ve known her my entire life. She is my best friend. I love her so much it feels as if my heart is going to burst. People always ask what did I do to make her this way. I always say God sent her to me Amazing, and all I’ve done is meet her where she is, accept her for who she is, and love her as she is.

2 years of love that can never be measured. 2 years of memories that can never be replaced.

2 years of nursing my little suckling and providing her with optimal nutrition. While gazing into her big brown eyes.

2 years of amazement and awe at her lively spirit and thirst for learning.

2 years of cuddles in the night.

2 years of waking up next to the most beautiful sunshine that ever existed.

2 years of laughter, 2 years of tears, 2 years of moments where I felt insufficient along with 2 years of moements when I felt like the worlds best mom.

2 years of blessings

2 years of mistakes, no parent is perfect.

2 years of growth

2 years of dancing

2 years of life…

A lifetime to go.

Happy birthday Sol baby, mommy loves you dearly.