Birth has a lot to teach us!

“Your birthing experience breathed LIFE w/in me: to write, to love, to accept the will of Creator, to bear witness to beauty.” – Bashirah Mack

I am beautifully overwhelmed with the responses to my birth from my birth team, twitter friends who followed along as my team tweeted about my birth, and those of you who have viewed the video of the divine meeting of me and my Moonbeam.

I am humbled by your words of love, support. They are a reflection of what I set out to achieve during this pregnancy and birth. To prove and share that birth is sacred, powerful, and healing. And that in being the one thing all human beings have in common has the power to transform lives, and mold us into the people we want to be, WE NEED to be.

I will continue to share pictures, videos, and eventually my birth story with you, to continue to create space for dialogue to happen, and to hopefully restore or inspire another woman’s faith in her mind, body, and spirit to be empowered and transformed by the miraculous process of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and mothering.

If there is one thing that my birth taught me that I would like to share with you all, its that. We are able and capable of doing anything we set our minds to if we take care of ourselves holistically, equip ourselves with information and knowledge, surround ourselves with loving and genuine support, are honest about our fears, and willing to breathe through the pain in order to give birth to beauty. WE CAN DO ANYTHING! In the final moments of labor, I felt like I couldn’t go on. The energy in the room sustained me. I looked into E’s eyes and asked for help, he told me to “transcend the pain” I looked into my midwives eyes, asked for help and she told me, All the help I needed was already within me… and with those things, I went in, into myself and yelled, grunted, groaned, and moaned through the pain, through the tears and before I knew it, was holding in my arms perfect love.

Birth has a lot to teach us about life.

Journey to Moonbeam: Love Pics

E and I went out to the lake the day after my birthday. The weather was amazing. Being born in Chicago, and born on January 5th, I have never had anything other than a blizzard, blizzard aftermath, or below freezing temps on my birthday. Well this year was different, the Sun was majestic and bright, the weather was comfortable, and the energy I was feeling was very reflective. I decided what better time to capture some photos than NOW! Here are some of the photos from Moonbeam’s Maternity shoot. Enjoy!

Journey To Moonbeam: Maternity Pic

I haven’t kept up with my #journeytomoobeam letters. And I feel horrible about it. So much has been going on in our lives, and I haven’t blogged or documented this journey as much as I would’ve liked. The past few months, weeks, and days have been spent finding a new apartment, packing, moving, unpacking, planning and celebrating my birthday 1/5/12, planning and celebrating Sol’s 2nd birthday 1/8/12, and preparing to go on leave at work 2/1/12. But there is still time, and I am going to use it wisely. I am dedicating the rest of this pregnancy to Moonbeam, I have been stretched so thin, that I haven’t had a chance to do so many things I have wanted to do. I still have a lot of birth preparations to make, I need to purchase a few things, and I also just need to spend some quiet time reflecting on this pregnancy, praying for this upcoming birth, and wrapping my head around being a mother of 2. This weekend I finally made time to have a photo shoot, and over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing the photos along with mini letters, and phrases that symbolize how I feel and have felt about this journey. Enjoy!